About Me

My services include highlighting and looking at depth on the areas of emotional struggle. This include but are not limited to; codependency, boundaries, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and walking you through the steps to overcome and offer the support needed during the process.

I'm passionate in coaching on emotional healing and raising awareness on hidden domestic (narcissistic) abuse. There was a time I felt so broken, alone, lost and struggled with challenges that shows up on the healing journey. These challenges included but not limited to triggers, anger, bitterness, the emotional crush, inner critic, self-doubt, co-parenting, and anxiety.

Have you ever talked to someone, a friend, family, or may be a professional and did not get the connection? sometimes you felt condemned, blamed and miss understood? Maybe you connected but you did not get the help or solutions you were looking for? Probably the help offered did not seem to solve your specific issues. Navigating through the healing journey after narcissistic or abusive relationship can be very challenging and lonely.

One day you feel like you got this but another day you feel crushed and ready to give up. Sometimes you wonder if you made the right decision. Working with someone who understand the path you are walking on and all the emotions that one faces can makes a huge difference and bring the desired results much sooner.

I’m a certified emotional health recovery coach trauma informed, and I understand this path through personal experience.

Working with me will give you a clarity and answer all questions that comes up on the healing journey and enable you to overcome the obstacles that hinders or slows the healing process and achieve your goals faster.

Start your journey to breaking emotional shackles and healing. we do offer both individual and group sessions. Ready to allow me to hold your hand?It is a paradisematic country, in which