Did a painful relationship leave you…..

  1. Feeling not good enough and rejected?
  2. Feeling like a stranger to yourself?
  3. struggling with low self confidence and self love
  4. Feeling isolated and lonely?
  5. Feeling empty, yearning for inner peace/healing
  6. Feeling shame guilt and fear?
  7. Feeling like a fraud, full of self doubt?
  8. Feeling hurt, resentful and angry ?
  9. Full of self doubt and second guessing yourself?
  10. Filled with anxiety, panic or episodes of anxiety rush?
  11. struggling to maintain healthy relationships?
  12. feeling overwhelmed, stuck or lost?
  13. Struggling to do the things you love doing?
  14. Feeling used and scammed with no justice?
  15. Feeling like you are not where you want to be in life??

Betrayal is the shattering of expectations, beliefs, or worldviews that causes a person to feel some sort of psychological or moral conflict. Although we naturally take betrayal personally, betrayal says more about the person betraying you than it does about you. Chances are that may be you are wondering can someone recover after betrayal? Where should one start? Will I be able to trust again?

Betrayal causes a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical responses from stress, anxiety, and feelings of resentment, bitterness, and overwhelm to muscular tension, stomach upset. You can change the future, start where you are by identify the limiting beliefs and patterns that keeps you bound by emotional shackles.